Types of Cleats

The shoes used for baseball, softball and tee ball are known as cleats due to the lugs on the soles of the shoe. They are also sometimes referred to as Spikes although they are not shaped like a spike. The cleats are designed to provide traction on grass and dirt surfaces to help with acceleration and stopping as well as rounding the bases. These days the cleats are moulded into the sole of the shoe to make the shoes lighter and more like an athletic shoe.

Cleats are available in 3 types, Metal, Moulded/TPU and Turfs.

Metal Cleats

Metal baseball cleats
Metal Cleats

Metal cleats provide superior traction but are restricted to the older age groups. Check with your local association regarding the use of metal cleats. For Softball thay are usually only allowed in national teams and baseball for U16 and over. Metal cleats are more expensive than moulded cleats and tend to wear down faster.

Moulded Rubber / TPU

Moulded TPU cleats

Most manufacturers have switched from moulded rubber to Thermoplastic Polyurethane or TPU. TPU is a safer option for younger players and they are also cheaper than metal cleats. Cleats made from TPU are lighter, harder wearing and produce less fatigue.

Turf Trainers

Turf trainers

Turfs, or Turf Trainers have studded rubber soles that are suitable for use on artificial surfaces but are also great for training and use in batting tunnels. Players that wear metal cleats to play in sometimes find turfs more comfortable for training due to the pressure points sometimes felt in metal cleats.

Coaches also wear turfs as they don't need as much traction as players.

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