Axe Bats

We frequently get asked for Axe Bats and we are excited to be introducing them to our product lineup.

The Axe Bat features a unique shaped handle that helps batters get their hands and wrists into a natural position to promote a faster and more powerful swing. The design allows a hitting zone to be engineered into the barrel of the bat for more pop.

Handle Engineered Hitting Zone Hyperwhip End Cap
Each Axe Handle is designed for the biomechanics of your swing. With a more natural swing and improved range of motion, you’ll achieve better bat speed and control. With a loaded hitting face for the most explosive barrel, you’ll experience unrivaled durability and pop every time your bat makes contact. The aerodynamic endcap allows the Axe Bat to distribute more weight to the barrel, so you’ll swing with improved balance and bat speed.

Axe bats meet all relevant specifications including USA Baseball and BBCOR. They and are available in single piece alloy, hybrid and composite variations.

These bats are swung by big league players as well including Kurt Suzuki, George Springer and Mookie Betts during their 2019 seasons.

Q: Do Axe Bats run shorter or longer than round-knob bats? 

A: Using a conventional grip, the Axe Handle places your bottom hand about a ¼” to ½” higher than it would be on a round-knob bat of the same length. For most players, that’s not enough to make a difference, so we recommend using the same length Axe Bat as what they’ve been accustomed to swinging with a round knob.

Q: Isn’t durability a major concern if you’re always hitting on the same side of the barrel? 

A: No, because we design our barrels like high-performance golf clubs. Our engineers know where impact will occur and have developed barrel technologies that take advantage of this fact. Like a golf club, which has a hitting side and a non-hitting side, our bats have an Engineered Hitting Zone covering the 270-degree area on which you will always make contact. We support our durability promise with a one-year limited warranty on all new alloy and composite game bats.

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